Rewrite your lists frequently

I love re-writing my task list, it always gives me such a sense of accomplishment to cross off some of the items and then look forward to crossing some of the “new” things off someday too. It also helps to prioritize (or re-prioritize) some of the items on your list too. I’ve mentioned that if you re-write a certain task more than 5 times on a new list that you can probably just delete it altogether since it hadn’t gotten done thus far, how important can it be?

A fresh start always feels good too. Writing out a fresh list on a clean sheet of paper always feels like I’m starting over in some ways. I also encourage you to use cute paper and maybe a clipboard or fun notepad that you like to record your tasks. It makes the mundane a little more fun (and as I always say, just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it can’t be cute)!

Big o’ slice of humble pie….

017_meek_0612_print_4646Over the past few weeks I have been feeling completely overwhelmed with a few big projects and was feeling quite disorganized and “over cluttered” myself.  One of my Associates does “home staging” for realtors and I thought she would be perfect to help me thin out a few things in our house.

We have lived in the same home since 1998 and I have raised my two kids there so we’ve gone through several “purges” already in getting rid of the baby stuff, then the toddler, etc. BUT, I didn’t realize how much other stuff we’ve accumulated over the years.  I was always able to find it but given our busy life I was feeling like it was controlling me vs. the way it should be.  Susan to the rescue!

I was reminded in a very blunt fashion how overwhelmed our clients are with their “stuff” and truth be told, I felt like I was the shoemaker with no shoes, here I am a Professional Organizer without a labeled pantry, laundry room or office storage space, GASP!

My kids and I spent a wonderful week in Texas last week and I let Susan have complete control of my entire house, she was in charge and as I’m sitting on the plane writing this post, I’m very sad to leave our friends in the Great Lone Star State but I am excited to see what I’ve got waiting for me at home.  Even the Pro’s need a hand every once in awhile and it never, ever hurts to ask.

What is overwhelming you at the moment?

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Simple organizing tip, start with what bothers you the most

This might seem like a simple concept but truthfully it is one that a lot of people struggle with. We want to postpone the “yucky” stuff when I think that starting with the yuckies is the way to go. If you dislike filing then go ahead and tackle the “to file” pile on your desk. You’ll feel so much better by just getting it out of the way

This can apply to all facets of your life. Does clutter throughout your house bother you? Then start one room at a time & de-clutter a room or an area of a room one by one. When you break a project down it instantly seems less overwhelming and much more attainable.

Give it a whirl, what are some of your strategies for your most dreaded tasks?!

Keep control of your schedule

Keeping control of your schedule may be impossible on some days but shouldn’t be impossible most days. If it is, you might want to consider adjusting a few things and prioritizing others.

For example, if you know that traffic is bad between 8-10 AM don’t schedule a meeting or appointment on the other side of town or miles away where you are certain to get stuck which is going to make you stressed which will start your day on the wrong foot.

You could also consider using technology if you don’t necessarily have to be at the meeting in person. Could you use Skype instead? We use Skype to visit with our family a lot and it feels like we have a really good visit and have also had the computer sit on the table while we are eating so that we can “have dinner” together!

Have someone else think your schedule through with you to make sure if it makes sense. A few months ago I was in a tizzy because I needed to go to Costco and the highway is always crowded with traffic, etc. but my son, Peyton, suggested that instead of going to Costco on our way to his LAX clinic that I just drop him off and go while he’s there. Duh! I was so wrapped up in my head that I hadn’t considered that super easy option. Well-done Peyton!

I know that you can’t always cater your schedule to your needs but if you try to make it easier on yourself you will reap the benefits of a more relaxed day which this day and age is priceless!

How do you schedule your day? Is it at your convenience or someone else’s?

Here’s an easy way to save 12 minutes a day!

While doing some research online I came across what I thought was a pretty cool statistic… for every minute you spend planning, you end up saving yourself 12 minutes a day. Yup, read that one again… for every minute you spend planning, you end up saving yourself 12 minutes a day.

So, plan your meals ahead of time, go over your calendar so that you know what to expect for the week ahead. Get ready for upcoming birthdays and special events. The list could go on and on….

Just when you think you don’t have the time to sit down and make a plan, just keep this statistic in mind. Either that or call me and I’ll remind you!

What are you planning this week?