My efficiency rate goes up 110% when I use the United States Postal Service

USPSlogoHow many of you have something that you need to return to a friend, check to send in to school or maybe something that you wanted to give someone that you have in your car (or maybe sitting by that back door) that you keep forgetting to take care of?  I used to chronically forget to drop things off or send into school with the kids so a few years ago I started to rely on the good old USPS to help me get things done.  For the cost of a stamp I can get so many things off of my “to do” list, it’s scary (and wildly efficient).  Think about it – you need to send a check to a friend to reimburse them for something… you write the check out at home and then put it into an envelope anyway – why not just address it and put it in the mailbox – poof, it’s off your list!  The alternative is that you put it in the envelope which goes into your handbag or briefcase or your car where it gets lost – you can see where I’m going with this… your “to do” list never gets anything crossed off… So, the moral of the story goes: just put a stamp on it and get it done!

Are you a stamp & send kind of person like me or is your car full of things that are in need of being returned or dropped off?!

Beware of Energy Vampires!

For a very big part of my 30’s, the more I talked about the things that bothered me the grumpier that I became.  I have always noticed that when one person starts to complain it doesn’t take long for someone else to follow suit and before you know it a complete “bitch-fest” is going on.  Face it, we all have our own problems, people that make us crazy, family stuff to get over, etc.  The problem is that we don’t need to make it everyone else’s problem while we’re at it.  I’m not suggesting that you bottle this up, you need to be able to talk to a good friend or sometimes even a therapist but complaining and moaning to anyone that will listen will only serve to make you feel worse the longer it goes on.

This can also go another way… is there someone in your life that constantly complains? They can be just as draining (if not more so). Your time is very valuable so choose how you spend it wisely. I’m not saying we can avoid those “energy vampires” completely but we can certainly minimize our time spent with them!

Do you know someone that sucks your energy dry?!

Here’s an easy way to save 12 minutes a day!

While doing some research online I came across what I thought was a pretty cool statistic… for every minute you spend planning, you end up saving yourself 12 minutes a day. Yup, read that one again… for every minute you spend planning, you end up saving yourself 12 minutes a day.

So, plan your meals ahead of time, go over your calendar so that you know what to expect for the week ahead. Get ready for upcoming birthdays and special events. The list could go on and on….

Just when you think you don’t have the time to sit down and make a plan, just keep this statistic in mind. Either that or call me and I’ll remind you!

What are you planning this week?

How much is your time worth?

If you broke down your salary (or your time in general) and figured out how much your time is worth it might surprise you how much “outsourcing” might be saving you money in the long run.  I’ve never understood why someone who isn’t very efficient with their time might not consider hiring a Personal Assistant for 2 hours during the week so that they might have their entire Saturday free of errands and consequently they are able to spend more time with their families… what is that worth to you?

Are there any projects that are taking precious time away from your family, your friends or just something YOU might want to do (take a class, go for a walk/run, etc.)?  The next time you are running around like a crazy person on a Saturday with all the other crazy people getting things picked up and dropped off at the dry cleaner, hardware store, etc. consider outsourcing some of those errands and see how much more relaxed you’d be – what is the price of that?!  During the week a Personal Assistant could get those errands done in half the time… it sounds extravagant but in all honesty how much is your time (and energy) worth?

What are your most dreaded tasks on the weekends?

Kids can do more than we think, just ask!

Face it, kids are spoiled these days (mine too). It’s our fault, not theirs. We have enabled them all their lives and guess what? We aren’t doing them any favors in the long run. Here’s the deal, they aren’t going to do anything to help out around the house or otherwise unless we ask (and follow through). We also need to be specific in what we need help with.

It’s not impossible, my kids (ages 15 & 13) have been doing their own laundry for 2+ years now. Believe me, it can be a somewhat painful process but it’s something I haven’t had to worry my pretty little head about in 2 years. The extra bonus here is that they will already know what to do when they get to college!

  I am a single mother and just having one less thing to worry about helps me so much! It’s not easy that is for sure but when they finish helping with something they feel like they’re adding to the greater good and I get the satisfaction of feeling like I’m raising competent children. Believe me though, some days are better than others!

Who does the laundry in your house?

Decluttering 101

When you are de-cluttering and picking up many objects that are taking up a lot of space in your world ask yourself a few questions in order to figure out whether or not it is something you still need (or want):

  1. Do you need this item anymore?
  2. Do you love this particular item?
  3. Does this item make you feel better (or worse)?
  4. Does this object reflect who you are now or is it something you might be striving for?

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t keep anything in order to “punish” yourself (jeans that are 2 sizes too small, the sofa table that you hated the minute it was delivered, etc.). Life is too short & you should be surrounded by items that make you happy.

See what you can do today to make your space more comfortable and a true reflection of YOU!

Let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear from you…

Save yourself a lot of time, read only what applies to you…

It occurred to me as I was catching up on a few magazines over the weekend that I was skimming through the articles that didn’t apply to me(fortunately that means I didn’t need to learn more than I’d ever want to know about varicose veins).  I thought to myself that I’m so glad I learned many years ago that  just because I had a subscription didn’t mean I had to read the entire thing cover to cover every month. Once I started thinking of it that way I wasn’t as overwhelmed by it all so much and it became much more manageable to me as a result. Today I thought I’d share this thought with you so that you could feel less guilt along with me.

Back when my kids were small and I subscribed to Parent’s magazine I tried to absorb all of the information for the upcoming years. As it turned out by the time my kids got to that age not only had I forgotten those nuggets of wisdom but those that I did in fact remember were sometimes no longer applicable! I was amazed that our generation survived with all the new rules and regulations that were changing almost daily, who can keep up?!

So I leave you with this, unless you are relaxing on the beach and have all the time in the world, don’t worry about reading all of your magazines cover to cover, it’s just too much pressure.

What magazines do you read cover to cover or better yet, which ones are you overwhelmed by?