Here is a good way to start organizing your digital photos

ImageEveryone gets overwhelmed when looking at your digital photos. We end up having thousands more photos than the “old days” of 35mm film when we had to have them printed out in order to see them. It’s no wonder we are so overwhelmed!

I think the best way to get started organizing your photos is to start now and set up folders in a way that makes sense to you going forward. Going back is instantly overwhelming and you’ll find yourself reminiscing more than actually cleaning them up. If you start from today instead, you can figure out what makes sense to you and then when it comes time to go back you will have already developed your “system” which is half the battle with project like this.

Organizing by date or event is a totally personal preference. I found that in order to upload to some of the online sites like Shutterfly & Snapfish that it was easier to do it if my albums were in chronological order. That way I was easily able to make albums for my kids but I could easily add photos from our “Summer 2011” folder to so again it is 100% personal preference.

Developing your “system” is half the battle so just think what makes sense to you and start doing so the next time you download photos from your camera. Also, be sure to back up your photos on CD or thumb drive and keep them in a safe deposit box or fire proof safe as you never want to lose any of your happy memories.

How far behind are you with your photos?



How to effectively clear your space

ImageWhen working with clients and clearing a particular space in their home we start out by making 3 piles:




Just making these piles saves you from trekking back and forth all over the house to put things away. Doing that is very distracting and you are more than likely going to be taken off task time and time again. Instead, use a basket for items that need to be relocated, a trash bag for the trash and maybe a box of some kind for the things that you want to donate.

Easy as pie and before you know it your space will be cleared out and you will be so happy that you made the effort.

Could you use a little space clearing at your house? Keep an eye out for our upcoming Virtual Boot Camps!



Set a realistic schedule, it’s up to you!


Keeping control of your schedule may be impossible on some days but shouldn’t be impossible most days. If it is, you might want to consider adjusting a few things and prioritizing others.

For example, if you know that traffic is bad between 8-10 AM don’t schedule a meeting or appointment on the other side of town or miles away where you are certain to get stuck which is going to make you stressed which will start your day on the wrong foot.

You could also consider using technology if you don’t necessarily have to be at the meeting in person. Could you use Skype instead? We use Skype to talk to our family a lot and it feels like we have a really good visit. We’ve also placed the laptop on the dining table while we are eating so that we can “have dinner” together!

Have someone else think your schedule through with you to make sure if it makes sense. A few months ago I was in a tizzy because I needed to go to Costco and the highway is always crowded with traffic, etc. but my son, Peyton, suggested that instead of going to Costco on our way to his LAX clinic that I just drop him off and go while he’s there,  Duh! I was so wrapped up in my head that I hadn’t considered that super easy option. Well done Peyton!

I know that you can’t always cater your schedule to your needs but if you try to make it easier on yourself you will reap the benefits of a more relaxed day which this day and age is priceless!

How do you schedule your day? Is it at your convenience or someone else’s? 


One of my favorite ways to save space INSTANTLY!

ImageI didn’t jump on the bandwagon of ditching my CD/DVD cases right away but when I did, I was so happy! CD/DVD cases take up SO much room and can actually take over a large amount of space in your family/TV room. I went to Staple’s and purchased a really simple CD case such as this one and began pulling the DVD’s that we wanted to keep out of their cases and moved them into the new “book”. At first as a family we debated putting them in alphabetical order but that became nightmareish from the start so we simply put them in there randomly. We kept our Holiday videos in the back and some of the “sports” movies back there too. It’s not exactly stayed that way but the Holiday ones are back there and not mixed in with the others and that works out pretty well for us.

Now, you might think that ditching the DVD cases is irresponsible. It is, unless your recycle them properly. In our town we recently switched to “single stream” recycling which is awesome because it takes a much wider variety of household items than they used too but if your town doesn’t participate in a liberal recycling program than you can login to Earth911 and find out how to recycle near you or maybe even ship your empty DVD/CD cases to a place that will recycle them for you.

Either way, it feels really good to make all that space in your house and another bonus is that you’ve got them all in one place. We travel by car at least once a year for a pretty good distance and putting the DVD case in the truck and hitting the road is a great feeling for my kids as they don’t have to decide what movies to bring, they can bring them all!

Are your CD/DVD’s taking over your family room?!

Honor your dreams…

ImageI made the above statement into a Tip of the Day on our organizing website but I thought it warranted expanding upon with a blog post.

Is there a class that you wanted to take? What about starting your own business or possibly standup comedy? No matter what your dream is, be it large or small, there has got to be something you can do today that will start paving the path towards your overall goal.

As you go about your day today think about what your dreams are and how you might be able to do just a little something today that honors your dream. For me, it might be looking for some darling file folders to add to our office candy line, yum!  You could get a book from the library or do some research online, or just start a file folder to collect articles as you come across them. Don’t forget about YOU.  We need to remember to put our oxygen masks on first sometimes so consider this to be your reminder.

What is a dream that you have that you haven’t shared with anyone else?


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