One of my favorite ways to save space INSTANTLY!

ImageI didn’t jump on the bandwagon of ditching my CD/DVD cases right away but when I did, I was so happy! CD/DVD cases take up SO much room and can actually take over a large amount of space in your family/TV room. I went to Staple’s and purchased a really simple CD case such as this one and began pulling the DVD’s that we wanted to keep out of their cases and moved them into the new “book”. At first as a family we debated putting them in alphabetical order but that became nightmareish from the start so we simply put them in there randomly. We kept our Holiday videos in the back and some of the “sports” movies back there too. It’s not exactly stayed that way but the Holiday ones are back there and not mixed in with the others and that works out pretty well for us.

Now, you might think that ditching the DVD cases is irresponsible. It is, unless your recycle them properly. In our town we recently switched to “single stream” recycling which is awesome because it takes a much wider variety of household items than they used too but if your town doesn’t participate in a liberal recycling program than you can login to Earth911 and find out how to recycle near you or maybe even ship your empty DVD/CD cases to a place that will recycle them for you.

Either way, it feels really good to make all that space in your house and another bonus is that you’ve got them all in one place. We travel by car at least once a year for a pretty good distance and putting the DVD case in the truck and hitting the road is a great feeling for my kids as they don’t have to decide what movies to bring, they can bring them all!

Are your CD/DVD’s taking over your family room?!

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