My efficiency rate goes up 110% when I use the United States Postal Service

USPSlogoHow many of you have something that you need to return to a friend, check to send in to school or maybe something that you wanted to give someone that you have in your car (or maybe sitting by that back door) that you keep forgetting to take care of?  I used to chronically forget to drop things off or send into school with the kids so a few years ago I started to rely on the good old USPS to help me get things done.  For the cost of a stamp I can get so many things off of my “to do” list, it’s scary (and wildly efficient).  Think about it – you need to send a check to a friend to reimburse them for something… you write the check out at home and then put it into an envelope anyway – why not just address it and put it in the mailbox – poof, it’s off your list!  The alternative is that you put it in the envelope which goes into your handbag or briefcase or your car where it gets lost – you can see where I’m going with this… your “to do” list never gets anything crossed off… So, the moral of the story goes: just put a stamp on it and get it done!

Are you a stamp & send kind of person like me or is your car full of things that are in need of being returned or dropped off?!