Beware of Energy Vampires!

For a very big part of my 30’s, the more I talked about the things that bothered me the grumpier that I became.  I have always noticed that when one person starts to complain it doesn’t take long for someone else to follow suit and before you know it a complete “bitch-fest” is going on.  Face it, we all have our own problems, people that make us crazy, family stuff to get over, etc.  The problem is that we don’t need to make it everyone else’s problem while we’re at it.  I’m not suggesting that you bottle this up, you need to be able to talk to a good friend or sometimes even a therapist but complaining and moaning to anyone that will listen will only serve to make you feel worse the longer it goes on.

This can also go another way… is there someone in your life that constantly complains? They can be just as draining (if not more so). Your time is very valuable so choose how you spend it wisely. I’m not saying we can avoid those “energy vampires” completely but we can certainly minimize our time spent with them!

Do you know someone that sucks your energy dry?!

One thought on “Beware of Energy Vampires!

  1. Laura says:

    I agree with everything you are saying…and wow, it’s so true. Negativity, like positivity, breeds company. How can we turn our conversations and energy to the positive? How can we encourage and uphold instead of being sucked into the “bitch session” as you so accurately described it? How can we be consistently positive without falling into the “Pollyanna” category? I think at the end of the day, if someone ‘sucks your energy dry’, you need to have the strength to walk away. Perhaps that action alone will encourage them to make a change. As they say: “Actions > Words” Do you agree?

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