Email overload? Sub-divide your Inbox!

If you are like me, you have more than one email address (sadly I have 5).  This makes keeping up with everything extremely challenging so I decided many years ago to “sub-divide” my Inbox(es). This allows me to move something into a folder that I might not need to access immediately anymore but might need to reference at a later date (airline tickets for example).

Here is an example of how my Personal Email Inbox is divided up:

  • Gators (football)
  • Jordan (daughter)
  • Peyton (son)
  • Cirrus (dog – yes in my world the dog ranks enough to have his own folder…)
  • Travel
  • Online orders
  • Photos (these are from family/friends that I might/might not download onto my hard drive at some point
  • Meekster (my nickname and where I put nice notes from friends or funny jokes, etc.)

When I’ve read and replied to an email but I don’t want to delete it I can move it into a “sub folder” and know it will be there when I might need to reference it.  That is one of the ways that I “keep myself honest”, it doesn’t leave my Inbox until it’s been replied to/dealt with and from there it either goes in the trash or one of my sub-folders.

I follow the same format & rules with my business emails too.  What do you do to keep your emails organized?