Ever Misplaced your Coffee Maker?

Okay, I realize this is a lighthearted start to the day but I’m trying to make a point… your coffee maker sits on your counter in the kitchen, right?!  It has a place… if everything you need readily available had its place then you wouldn’t mis-place it as often because you’d always put it back where you found it.

Think about it, you wash the coffee carafe and then put it back with the coffee maker for the next day.  Why wouldn’t you do that with your car keys?  Put them on a hook by the back door (or the door to your garage).  If you have a handbag, put it under your desk (or use one of my favorite tricks and drill a hook underneath so that you can keep your bag up off the floor.

It’s a simple concept but one I’d like you to ponder…. If I didn’t keep my coffee maker in the same place, would I lose it?  If my car keys could always be at the back door how much time (and aggravation) would I save myself daily not having to look through the entire house…

What is it that you are always misplacing?

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