Overwhelmed by disorganization? Here is where you start…

What room or area in your home makes you cringe when you walk into it every day? This is precisely where you need to start getting organized.

Is your “mud room” or entry way making your skin crawl because there are shoes everywhere and coats/jackets thrown on the couch? Consider using these cubbies from Ballard Designs or even their coat rack which we use with a basket on the lower shelf for shoes.

Another problem area is the kitchen. Do you “air dry” your dishes? I’m not a big fan of this to be honest with you. Take the extra 3 or 4 minutes to finish the job completely and put everything away. It’s such a bummer to wake up to a mess the next morning so just finish it up or even better use the rule we have in our house, whomever cooks doesn’t have to clean the dishes that night.

Bedrooms got you down? Pop up laundry bins like these from Bed Bath & Beyond are great and you might remember me saying that I think everyone should have their own bin, don’t share! If you haven’t read my 5 Laundry Tips keep checking in, I’ll post it next week…

My garage makes me nuts so we’ve gone through and purged as much as we can so that we can fit our car into our single garage. It means we don’t have as much gardening pots and accessories as we used to but truth be told, we didn’t need them anymore anyway. I’d much rather protect my car than stuff we are no longer really using.

Start with what bothers you most and take a little time today to think how you can adapt the space to how it is being used. Chances are it will be very difficult to “break” your family’s habits so I suggest that you suck it up and figure out the best way to accommodate how the space is being used and come up with a solution that doesn’t make your eye twitch each time you go near it!

What part of the house makes you cringe?

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