Easy way to start the day fresh!

One of the things that I hate waking up to in the morning is coming downstairs to get my coffee and seeing dishes “air drying” on the counter near the sink. I’ve never understood how people can let dishes pile up in the sink either but that isn’t the problem in our house, it’s the ones that are drying from the night before.

I much prefer to come downstairs to a “clean slate” where I don’t have to deal with anything in my way from the night before.  My children do the dishes for me at night (love them) and I’ve taught them to just take the extra few minutes necessary to use a towel and dry the dishes completely and then put them away. It is an amazing feeling to know that with few exceptions I can leave the kitchen after dinner and they will take care of the rest. Do your kids help with the dishes? The process of teaching them definitely isn’t glamorous but definitely worth it!

What do your kids help you with around the house?

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