Here is a good way to start organizing your digital photos

ImageEveryone gets overwhelmed when looking at your digital photos. We end up having thousands more photos than the “old days” of 35mm film when we had to have them printed out in order to see them. It’s no wonder we are so overwhelmed!

I think the best way to get started organizing your photos is to start now and set up folders in a way that makes sense to you going forward. Going back is instantly overwhelming and you’ll find yourself reminiscing more than actually cleaning them up. If you start from today instead, you can figure out what makes sense to you and then when it comes time to go back you will have already developed your “system” which is half the battle with project like this.

Organizing by date or event is a totally personal preference. I found that in order to upload to some of the online sites like Shutterfly & Snapfish that it was easier to do it if my albums were in chronological order. That way I was easily able to make albums for my kids but I could easily add photos from our “Summer 2011” folder to so again it is 100% personal preference.

Developing your “system” is half the battle so just think what makes sense to you and start doing so the next time you download photos from your camera. Also, be sure to back up your photos on CD or thumb drive and keep them in a safe deposit box or fire proof safe as you never want to lose any of your happy memories.

How far behind are you with your photos?


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