Set a realistic schedule, it’s up to you!


Keeping control of your schedule may be impossible on some days but shouldn’t be impossible most days. If it is, you might want to consider adjusting a few things and prioritizing others.

For example, if you know that traffic is bad between 8-10 AM don’t schedule a meeting or appointment on the other side of town or miles away where you are certain to get stuck which is going to make you stressed which will start your day on the wrong foot.

You could also consider using technology if you don’t necessarily have to be at the meeting in person. Could you use Skype instead? We use Skype to talk to our family a lot and it feels like we have a really good visit. We’ve also placed the laptop on the dining table while we are eating so that we can “have dinner” together!

Have someone else think your schedule through with you to make sure if it makes sense. A few months ago I was in a tizzy because I needed to go to Costco and the highway is always crowded with traffic, etc. but my son, Peyton, suggested that instead of going to Costco on our way to his LAX clinic that I just drop him off and go while he’s there,  Duh! I was so wrapped up in my head that I hadn’t considered that super easy option. Well done Peyton!

I know that you can’t always cater your schedule to your needs but if you try to make it easier on yourself you will reap the benefits of a more relaxed day which this day and age is priceless!

How do you schedule your day? Is it at your convenience or someone else’s? 


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