Honor your dreams…

ImageI made the above statement into a Tip of the Day on our organizing website but I thought it warranted expanding upon with a blog post.

Is there a class that you wanted to take? What about starting your own business or possibly standup comedy? No matter what your dream is, be it large or small, there has got to be something you can do today that will start paving the path towards your overall goal.

As you go about your day today think about what your dreams are and how you might be able to do just a little something today that honors your dream. For me, it might be looking for some darling file folders to add to our office candy line, yum!  You could get a book from the library or do some research online, or just start a file folder to collect articles as you come across them. Don’t forget about YOU.  We need to remember to put our oxygen masks on first sometimes so consider this to be your reminder.

What is a dream that you have that you haven’t shared with anyone else?


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